The RapID Client SDK is designed to be integrated into your app to collect previously requested credentials from the RapID Service. It exposes a series of methods to help you and your app manage credentials and provide secure access to your services and webpages. The RapID SDK is available on the following platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Cordova (The Cordova SDK is currently only available by contacting Rapid Support)

It also includes sample apps that can be used as a starting point for your own project, or as a source of working code fragments to copy. The RapID-enabled app that you create will need to do the following:

  1. On startup, check whether it already has a RapID credential for your service
  2. If not:
    • Perform your existing logon or activation process to establish an initial session
    • Instruct your server to create a credential request for this user
    • Pass the resulting request ID to the RapID client library to complete the provisioning
  3. Subsequent https calls to secured services or web-pages must use the RapID library wrapper

Registration Flow

The process flow that occurs when a user registers their mobile device is shown below:


Authentication Flow

The following shows the process flow that occurs during the authentication of a mobile device when it already has a credential.


Permissions and entitlements

The app will need various permissions depending on the platform it is on. For example, if it is on iOS then it will need keychain sharing setup whereas android requires permission for use of external storage and user fingerprints. More specific details on this can be found in each of the corresponding platform SDK sections.

Authentication URL list

Any URLs to be authenticated must be listed in the RapidWhitelist section of the app's plist/manifest file. This ensures that any connection to those URLs are routed through the RapID Mobile SDK and uses the RapID credential.

Including our SDK.

Please see the platform relevant to you for details on including the SDK.

Export Compliance

Please see the SDK Progammers guide available from your portal dashboard for information on export compliance.